Diary: Adland hard core prove Tough Guy credentials

So what did you do at the weekend? Some shopping and a spot of gardening perhaps? Nice and relaxing maybe, but that's not for everyone.

Instead, some prefer to spend their Saturdays climbing 40-foot high obstacles, wading through four-foot high stinging nettles, crawling through fields of barbed wire and facing claustrophobia, hypothermia, and even electrocution.

Yes, Diary has absolutely no idea why anyone would want to enter the biannual Tough Guy championship, which took place recently in a sodden Wolverhampton, but congratulations should go to the Adam & Eve creatives Amy Pope and Emer Stamp, Brothers & Sisters' art director Kirsten Rutherford, Bartle Bogle Hegarty's Sam Morton and a host of other adlanders that managed to complete the event. Rather them than us ...