Diary: Adland honours Tylee

Last week saw adland's great and good descend on the offices of Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO to celebrate the retirement of one of the industry's most illustrious and longest-serving commentators.

And the man to pull in a crowd that included the likes of David Abbott, Peter Mead, Jeremy Bullmore, Dave Trott, Stevie Spring, David Kershaw and a host of other advertising heavyweights? Campaign's very own John Tylee.

For those of you who have lost count, John has recently left his full-time post at Campaign after a quarter-of-a-century writing for the magazine.

His impact on the industry was articulated best by Bullmore, whom the AMV BBDO chairman, Cilla Snowball, quoted in her speech: "If the people John writes about had been as scrupulous, as honourable, as talented, as courteous, as discreet and as diffident as John is himself ...

I suppose he wouldn't have had much to write about."

Wipe and swipe

Fortunately, AMV BBDO had had a good clean-up before the bash.

The offices on Marylebone Road (or should that be Merdelebone Road?) had only just recovered from a toilet-related flooding incident.

After a major investigation, the source of the problem was identified as a waste pipe that became blocked after a staff member accidentally dropped their swipe card down the toilet.

This, of course, meant HR was able to flush out the guilty pooper but have so far not dumped them in it.

What a bunch of Twits

It's been an eventful week on Twitter. In a bid to land some new business, Gavin Marshall, Agency Republic's head of new business, took up the challenge set by Unilever's vice-president of global communications, Babs Rangaiah, who promised to wine and dine his 1,000th follower. So, to snare the drinks invite, Marshall got his entire agency to "follow" Babs.

The tactic was successful; unfortunately, the date wasn't - proof that crossing the virtual social barrier is not the best new-business approach.

Meanwhile, someone at CHI & Partners, following Johnny Hornby's Tweets from Davos (we can't be sure of the culprit ... yet), hacked the @Campaignmag Twitter account and took the opportunity to post some rather self-congratulatory Tweets about CHI.

At least that wasn't as bad as Vodafone's Twitter-hacking, which saw a disgruntled employee Tweet: "VodafoneUK: is fed up of dirty homos and is going after beaver." Oops.

A case of the shakes

Sometimes it's nice to reaffirm that you're quite good at your job, so when Innocent drinks launched a competition asking the public to devise an amusing caption for the bottom of their bottles, Archibald Ingall Stretton's deputy creative director, John Vinton, saw it as a perfect opportunity to impress. Vinton's line "Upside down, boy you turn me" has now made it on to a shortlist of ten, which was chosen from more than 1,800 entries. Staff at AIS are now voting madly to ensure an endless supply of smoothies heads their way.

Super-Minns returns

If you look up the definition of the phrase "above and beyond the call of duty", you'll find a picture of Sam Minns, the account manager on Allianz at Grey.

This is the man who, after entertaining more than 30 people at a restaurant, went back to the office to prepare for a presentation the next morning, staying there until gone 3am.

Yes, we know this happens regularly. But what makes this story different is that on his way back to the agency at 6am, his cab was written off by another car when the driver fell asleep at the wheel.

Despite having a bruised femur, severe whiplash and cuts and bruises, the plucky Minns got to the office and gave a presentation to a huge round of applause before taking himself off to accident and emergency.