Diary: Adland offers newbies advice on landing a job

At last, someone has stretched out a helping hand to those students who are about to face that dreadful arse-clenching ordeal that is hunting for a job.

Nobody wants to spend their summer being mercilessly critiqued, at its best, or being ritually humiliated, screamed at, embarrassed, or taken to pieces by busy executive creative directors, at its very worst.

OpenAd UK, in conjunction with Nabs, has created a booklet called Goodbye Uni ... Hello Job that is designed to give those trembling, petrified students a little bit of help and advice in overcoming the pitfalls of the process.

And, to give it some edge, some of advertising's great and good (probably the ones that hand out the bollockings) have added their pearls of wisdom.

Kim Papworth, the creative director at Wieden & Kennedy, says that "the madder your book, the better", while Owen Lee, the creative director at Farm, says "never be afraid to fail". Seems like this one will happen a lot.

However, as far as Diary is concerned, the best bit of advice in the book comes from an un-named contributor and says: "When being critiqued don't argue, just nod and smile - even if you think they are really wrong."