DIARY: Adland pays respects at last Concorde flight

In the 80s it was huge, symbolising the grotesque affluence of a spoilt society. A few years later, it was seen as an expensive irrelevance and began hurtling toward extinction. Yes, the fates of Concorde and the advertising industry have always been inextricably linked.

Now every adman's favourite means of transport is no more. Many tears were shed last Thursday when Concorde landed at Heathrow airport for the last time. But rest assured, the advertising industry was generously represented on this trip.

Maurice Saatchi made the flight, as did David Abbott and BMP DDB's financial director Shirley Watson. A week earlier, BBH's executive creative director John O'Keeffe managed to sneak aboard one of Concorde's last outings.

Apparently, he had dreamed about flying on the supersonic jet since he was a boy. Ahhh.