Diary: Adland prepares for annual clownfest

It's Comic Relief next week. You'll already know this if you've lent one of your brand icons to Fallon's ad campaign for the charity.

Honey Monster, Cadbury's gorilla, Brenda and Audrey (the Bounty housewives), Churchill the dog and a Smash Martian have already given their time to the cause.

Now, geed up by the prospect of an ad-fest Red Nose Day (and mindful of lessons from The Office), adland is throwing its weight behind the "do something funny for money" initiative. Well, things are a little quiet in some corners of the industry right now and don't we all need cheering up.

Preparing for a Red Nose wheeze is PHD, with "The Directors Egg-off". The PHD board directors will go head-to-head to see who can eat the most Creme Eggs in 90 seconds. Well, they did win the Cadbury media account last year and are keen to show their love for the brand. And the charity-inspired humiliation at PHD will continue with a battle of the bands contest.

ZedMedia has organised a night of stand-up comedy to raise some dosh, and hopefully a guffaw or two.

Meanwhile, Iris' Dan Davies has gone all retro with his fundraising idea, opting for the traditional bath of baked beans and a wet-sponge pelting in the stocks, taking place outside a branch of Sainsbury's.

Diary wishes them the best of luck in their endeavours and welcomes any embarrassing evidence too.