Diary: Adland thrills to the tale of the travelling waistcoat

Ahh, the leather waistcoat. Once the uniform for spoon-playing folk, bikers and U2's Bono in his Rattle and Hum phase, but it is now the must-have fashion item for the world's digital creative network.

This latest trend was initiated by Russ Tucker, a creative at Tequila\ Australia, who decided to create "The Viral Waistcoat".

Defiant that an item of clothing could "go viral", he found a leather garment that he could unleash on a journey around the globe by getting any advertising bod who dons it to take a photo of themselves sporting it, sign it, and pass it on.

The jacket has made it all the way over to the UK, where adland's digital types (Work Club's Andy Sandoz, Profero's Daniele Fiandaca and Agency Republic's Gavin Gordon-Rodgers) have all been demonstrating their support for the leather vest. Even the four-month-old daughter of Gordon-Rodgers, Genevieve Honey, has followed in Dad's footsteps.

As well as its own blog (viralwaistcoat.wordpress.com), there is even a Facebook group devoted to those who "Have experienced the thrill of wearing cold leather on their warm skin".