Diary: If adland went all literary, is this how it would look?

The news that the larger-than-life Jonathan Durden, MPG's newly appointed creative partner, is calling his second novel The Tragic Roundabout got Diary thinking.

What if some of the ad industry's other famous faces decided to join the literati? What might they think of calling their book? We've come up with a few suggestions.

If Will Collin ever decides to publish his favourite recipes, may we suggest Naked Brunch?

Meanwhile, the Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners founding partner and long-time Tottenham Hotspur fan Greg Delaney might like to consider Fame Is The Spurs.

As for the exuberant Robin Wight, the WCRS founding partner and Engine president, surely only The Wight Stuff will suffice.

Moving on to adland's aristocracy, we thought that if Maurice Saatchi ever gets around to writing his memoirs, then Lord Of The Spins (with apologies to Tolkein) would be a good read.

And what could be more appropriate for Sir John Hegarty, one of the industry's most enduring creatives, than A Knight To Remember?

Finally, with Interpublic's share price still in the doldrums and no sign of an imminent recovery, its boss, Michael Roth, clearly has much to complain about. If he ever decides to get it all off his chest, then surely he could do no better than call it The Gripes of Roth.