Diary: Adland is X Factor-mad, without Cole or Cowell

It's The X Factor, but not as we know it. John and Edward may be the ones stealing all the newspaper coverage at the moment, but adland has shunned the real version for a series of X Factor-themed competitions of their own. All in the name of charity of course.

DraftFCB has been the most recent agency to kick off an X Factor-style event.

As you can see from the image below, the agency's management team of Kate '"Cheryl" Howe, Simon "Cowell" Calvert, Mark "Louis Walsh" Fiddes and Mark "My name's Dannii on Fridays" Young were more than keen to judge the competition, which saw planner Mark Brennan narrowly beat a creative team playing a recorder duet through their noses to the top prize, thanks to his version of Cheryl Cole's single Fight For This Love, played out on a kazoo.

It may sound like an odd set of performances, but let's face it, it's surely got to be better than anything Jedward have managed in the real competition so far ...