Diary: Adland's alpha-males go 'green' to thwart Ken

They might be some of the hardest men in media, controlling in excess of £2 billion in billings, but the chaps down at Group M are having to seriously think about downgrading their "alpha-male" automobiles.

The reason? Ken Livingstone's introduction of a £25 congestion charge later in the year.

Nick Theakstone, Group M's chief operating officer, is keen to evade the charge by swapping his swanky motor for one of the vehicles that are "exempt" under Ken's new proposals. He's apparently eyeing up a dinky little Peugeot 106, and, always keen to do a deal, is trying to tempt colleagues to buy the same car, since he'll get a hefty discount if he buys three from the same dealer.

Group M's chief executive, Steve Allan, is said, though, to favour one of the Mini range - sparking images of an Italian Job-style convoy outside Group M's Holborn offices.

One man who won't be swapping his driving gloves for fluffy dice is Steve Bond, the managing director of the Aegis-owned Posterscope. He's determined to fly the 4x4 flag, and keep his Range Rover in the face of the increased charges, despite recently being attacked by protesting university students hurling eggs at the gas-guzzler.