Diary: Adland's favourite eatery gets even more exclusive

Upon receiving news that The Ivy is closing down in August, Diary would like to put worried minds everywhere at ease by confirming that adland's favourite restaurant will only be out of action for a week.

So the guys at Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R can sleep easy again without having to worry about finding a new eatery.

And the reason that the restaurant is closing its doors? So that it can convert its upstairs area into a private members' club.

On hearing this news it was whispered by one Ivy regular that once the membership was in place, it might keep out the "Shazzas" and "Grockles" who swarm the restaurant at 3pm.

However, contrary to popular belief, the owners have not created a mailer and sent it out with membership forms to everyone in the Campaign A-List ... although it would probably be a good idea.

That's not the only change, either - the restaurant has also lost Mitch Everand, its long-serving maitre'd, who quit to join up with the owners of The Wolseley, who are launching a new venture on Regent Street.

However, in true advertising style, The Ivy's owners, who were concerned about him working for a rival business, forced Everand to adhere to a gardening-leave policy in his contract. He will start in his new position in October this year, when the new restaurant opens.