DIARY: Adland's greatest hits get a new lease of life with old School Disco

Picture the situation: it's Friday night and you're at a club. Having pumped yourself full of the alcopop of the moment, you're now ready to launch yourself at the dance floor, when the DJ suddenly drops in ... A Finger of Fudge.

As strange as it may sound, this is exactly the scenario that many of the nation's youngsters (and a fair few people who are old enough to know better) are confronted with every weekend.

In an effort to recreate all that was good about the 70s and 80s, DJs at the club night School Disco are interspersing the "best" songs of yesteryear with famous old advertising jingles.

And, by all accounts, their antics are going down a storm. It's now not uncommon to see hoards of drunken revellers, grouped in a huddle, belting out "I'm a secret lemonade drinker" or "Do the Shake 'n' Vac and put the freshness back" while fondly recalling a time when the phrase "a finger of Fudge" was innocent.

Apparently, people in the club link arms while singing the jingles. And, if the crowd is really getting in the swing of things, the organisers conduct a full-scale sing-a-long session. Aren't young people sad these days?

The top ten jingles, as voted for by School Disco regulars, also includes the Chas 'n' Dave magnum opus Gertcha for Courage Bitter, Hello Tosh, Got a Toshiba and the tune to the surreal Ki-Ora ad.

The craze isn't just restricted to Britain either. The ads are also played at the School Disco night in Canada (power cuts permitting), even though the Canadians have no idea what they are.

Just think ... in 20 years time, the drunken youngsters at the School Disco of the era may be singing along, misty eyed, to the Zoom Zoom song from the Mazda ad. Then again, maybe not.

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