Diary: Has adland's Jedi Master arrived in Wandsworth?

This week Diary wants to have a game of adland "guess who?"

The first challenge is to try to guess which long-serving adland fashionista - who is just as well known for his snappy dress sense as he is for his advertising brain - was "papped" in his local corner shop in Wandsworth, London, buying Sunday morning sundries.

As the picture plainly shows, the gentleman in question, who luckily for him has his back turned, is far from fetchingly attired in a pair of Jesus sandals (out of shot) and a hooded bathrobe that most people wouldn't clean their cars with.

The second challenge is then to try to guess which executive creative director from a top-ten London ad agency employed these sneaky cameraphone tactics of nestling behind the display of Toffee Crisps and Yorkies and waiting for the unfortunately dressed adman to turn his back just long enough to give him the shot he needed without being caught.

Once his snap was in the bag, the creative quickly ducked back out of sight, waiting for his victim to leave so he could make good his escape without being spotted, or engaged in conversation.