Diary: Adland's job market turns into an auction ... literally

Saatchi & Saatchi London was put on level-four scam alert this week, when an eBay listing for a six-week internship at the agency appeared on the site. Are the infamous internet con artists targeting adland?

According to the description on the auction site, Saatchis, "the advertising agency that put advertising agencies on the map", is offering a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" for one bidder.

Wondering if the agency would be listing its chief executive position on eBay next, and quite how the bidding process would work (is the agency charging graduates these days?), Diary called Saatchis to discover the auction is the brainchild of Sam Ismail, a 23-year-old business administration and psychology student, and a hopeful applicant for a place on the agency's annual summer scholarship.

Ismail, it seems, took the brief - to turn a simple pdf document into a job - at face value, and ensured that he won the auction. Whether he gets the coveted six-week gig is in the laps of the Saatchis gods.

Headhunters watch out, though, students aren't the only ones getting in on the eBay recruitment act. The site is also offering the services of a freelance creative team.

Art director: Dave Gibson and copywriter Nathan Lennon are flogging themselves with a starting bid of £300. The duo have taken to eBay in a bid to secure themselves a permanent gig, and while they have failed to secure any bids so far, they say they have got a few meetings out of the venture.