Diary: Adland's radio days

If the end of Mad Men has left a hole in your life that can only be filled by a fictionalised account of agency life, Diary has welcome news for you.

Diary: Adland's radio days

BBC Radio 4 started airing a four-part sitcom, Reluctant Persuaders, this week. The show is about Hardacres, the worst agency in London, being shaken out of its complacency by a new accounts chief. Nigel Havers plays  the legendary creative director Rupert Hardacre in the show. The actor is an acquaintance of Frank Lowe, so Diary will be listening intently in case the role has been modelled on anyone we know. 

Off their own bat

The & Partnership and WPP held their annual cricket match at Goodwood House on Saturday and, for the first time in five years, The & Partnership won. Diary must eat crow for suggesting in previous years that The & Partnership team, led by Johnny Hornby (pictured, above right), was playing less than competitively in deference to Sir Martin Sorrell (pictured, above left), whose WPP owns 49 per cent of The & Partnership. In fact, they were just bad at cricket.

In the dog house

Advertising hasn’t enjoyed a good plagiarism row in at least a couple of days, so allow Diary to stoke the flames with the above picture from TBWA\Chiat\Day’s building in Los Angeles, which bears a message that the folks at VCCP will find familiar.  A spokeswoman for TBWA said the agency’s sign "had been up for some time". A spokeswoman for VCCP said: "That’s hilarious."