Diary: Have adland's veterans passed the test of time?

As if the sight of a young, gangly Robin Wight leaping off a Ford Zephyr (Campaign, 29 February) wasn't enough to make you chortle over your cornflakes, Diary felt it was necessary to show how the rest of adland's "mad men" (and women) have changed over the years.

A quick rummage through the picture cupboard at Campaign Towers revealed a treasure trove of tragic haircuts, dubious facial hair, and questionable fashion sense.

The motley line-up of Bartle Bogle Hegarty's founders has a very fresh-faced John Hegarty, John Bartle, for whom the words "coke bottle glasses" really don't do justice, and Nigel Bogle, who clearly bought his spectacles from the same shop.

Diary's search also revealed that the curse of androgenic alopecia has hit many an adman, with Euro RSCG's Gerry Moira and Leagas Delaney's Tim Delaney leading the pack. But given the style of their dodgy barnets, Diary feels they may be better off without hair.

Luckily, the Anomaly founder, Carl Johnson, has also had a hair rethink and destroyed the furry caterpillar that resided on his upper lip in the 80s, opting for a less Basil Fawlty-esque look in recent years.

Like fine wines, many of the industry's high flyers have improved with age, especially the TBWA chief executive, Tim Lindsay, whose current suave and sophisticated look is a far cry from his bedraggled appearance in his days as an account executive at BBH.

Diary is also relieved that M&C Saatchi's Tiger Savage, after going through as many costume changes as a Spice Girls comeback tour, has opted for the svelte blonde look, rather than former goth leanings.

And then there's the man whose hairstyle time forgot, Trevor Beattie, the founder of Beattie McGuinness Bungay. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Eh Trev?

For more pics like these, see www.brandrepublic.com/campaign.