Diary: Adland's winners and sinners take the stage

Adland descended on Grosvenor House on Park Lane last week for Campaign and Media Week's annual awards bashes.

The comedian Jack Whitehall played host, entertaining a combined crowd of almost 2,000. Here’s a selection of snaps from the nights. 

Paul Arden’s widow, Toni (middle), and the wife of the producer Arnold Pearce (pictured with her husband) were said to be heard giggling like mad every time potty-mouth Whitehall said ‘fuck’

Grey London was so happy with its haul of awards that staff decided to erect a tower – or a phallus, as the chairman and chief creative officer, Nils Leonard, would later say on Twitter

Speaking of phalluses, here’s Kyle Harman-Turner and Martin Rose, creative directors on Moneysupermarket.com at Mother, using a Big Award in a way that Campaign really can’t condone. Whitehall doesn’t seem to mind, though

Our host gets a lift from one emboldened reveller. You’ve got to admire the concentration

Chris Pelekanou (Clear Channel), David Weeks (Dennis Publishing), Claudine Collins (MediaCom), Matthew Dearden (Clear Channel) and Alistair MacCallum (M2M)

Some chancer takes advantage of a sponsor-less award to get on stage and hand out the prize himself

Liam Mullins and Dino Myers-Lamptey (the7stars) pictured either side of Anna Watkins (Guardian Labs)