Diary: Adman's tale reveals the dark side of decadence

After the decadence of the 80s, there is a belief outside the industry that adland is a hotbed of debauchery and excessive living.

And anyone logging on to a remarkable blog posted by the former agency man Morgan Edwards will find it hard to believe that things have changed at all.

A one-time Ogilvy & Mather media director, Edwards writes the story of his life. And what a harrowing and cautionary saga it has proved to be.

His is the classic story of somebody who had it all and saw it disappear in a storm of financial and sexual excess.

During that time, he lost three homes, two wives, two step-children, a successful business, thousands of pounds and his sanity, ending up being treated for clinical depression.

Thankfully, over the past few years, Edwards has managed to put his life back together and now runs his own communications consultancy in Bath.

What's more, his blog has attracted enormous interest from outside adland.

Not least from two national newspapers who are keen to retell his story.

Indeed, Edwards says he's now tempted to flesh out the 5,500 words already written into an autobiography.

So, is the blog his personal catharsis or maybe a cautionary tale to advertising's young and foolish? "Fuck that," he retorts. "It's my life story and I'm just telling it."