Diary: It 'ads' up for Morris as he looks for a partner

When creatives work together for a long time, more often than not a special bond will be forged.

Therefore, it is understandable that the separation of a partnership can be an emotional wrench similar to that of the breakdown of a relationship or marriage.

Once the tears are wiped away, the goodbyes have been said, and the pens, paper and gonks have been split between the two, the only thing left is for both sides to start looking for another partner - a process that can be just as fraught as the dating game itself.

Obviously, a creative can't just walk around Soho propositioning anybody they see. But they can't just expect a new partner to pop out of an annual either.

So, how about taking out an ad? Of course, this being a creative industry, your ad will have to be witty, well written, informative and appealing.

When faced with exactly this challenge, Leo Burnett's Ed Morris took out the ad below in Campaign, and has been fending off suitors ever since - hopefully, they understood the gag.

When quizzed on his clever little ploy, he told Diary: "I'm looking for a partner of such stupendous talent that they will help me to become The Ed Morris, while the other Ed Morris will become The other Ed Morris."