DIARY: Advertising's brightest are beavering away to land some plum jobs

After months of recession talk, it's good to know that the big accounts are finally on the move again.

We don't know if you've noticed this, but since the turn of the year there have been more lucrative accounts up for grabs than one can shake a stick at.

Take Tetra Pak for example. The lucky winner of this precious business will get the chance to change the way the British public thinks about soup cartons. If you strain your ears you can hear creative directors all over London chomping at the bit.

Then there's Orange Glow - a must win for all those creatives who used to wish they could get their hands on the Mr Muscle brief.

Let's not forget Glace Cherries. Rumour has it, the winner of this little beauty will be a virtual shoe-in for the Agency of the Year.

And next month should be a good one, as we witness a battle royal among the big boys, each giving everything they've got just to be number one.

Well, it's not every day that Poundstretcher reviews, is it?

But the biggest coup of the year has to belong to the resurgent Grey, which last week picked up some additional work from existing client Remington UK. Thanks to the quick thinking of the chief executive Garry Lace, the agency now has the chance to create a campaign for the latest line of pubic hair trimmers.

The product is called the Bikini Trim and Shape (early ideas such as the Quim Trim and the Remington Muff Away were deemed to be a little too close to the mark).

A Grey spokesman said: "This is the best thing to happen to the agency since we won the Hundreds & Thousands account."