Diary: Agencies find weirdest ways to fill working days

Diary is getting a bit anxious about the amount of time some agencies seem to have on their hands at the moment.

Last week, the apparently less- than-busy staff at Karmarama were so enraged with the BBC's decision to suspend Jonathan Ross after Sachsgate that they decided to go down to the BBC Television centre in White City to show their solidarity with the presenter.

Despite handing out hundreds of Wossy Solidawity stickers to BBC employees, the director-general, Mark Thompson, has stood his ground against the campaigners.

Meanwhile, Lowe London and St Luke's, both clearly in need of more lucrative advertising activity, contented themselves with pumpkin design competitions to celebrate Halloween.

While Lowe chose a traditional scary face with chiselled teeth pumpkin as the winning design, St Luke's went for the unusual choice of a very un-Halloween hamburger. OK, folks, fun's over. Time to do some advertising.