DIARY: Agencies go the extra mile in attempt to win Mark Warner account

Times must really be tough when agencies are falling over themselves to get their hands on an account worth 3/6d.

But near-hysterical agencies have been beating a path to the door of Mark Warner following a recent news story in Campaign about the company's review.

And to see the way agencies have been carrying on, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was worth £10 million, not £1 million. "We've never had anything like it", Liz Butler, the marketing co-ordinator at Mark Warner, says, bemused.

Butler, together with the company's managing director, David Hopkins, was not expecting the onslaught of feverish attention that has deluged the offices since. On one occasion, Hopkins found a big orange poster inscribed with the words, "David Hopkins, your next agency is just round the corner, and orange footsteps leading along the road to the orange-liveried Interfocus.

Cheeky bribers at Maher Bird Associates rang to find out who liked chocolate.

Other unnamed culprits packed suitcases full with goodies, with Butler herself being sent a mammoth bunch of flowers. "Unfortunately, they weren't from a nice chap, she rues.

And pity the poor sod camped out on the offices' doorstep from the crack of dawn one morning in a sandwich board from Advertising Plan B decreeing: "The end of the advertising world is nigh."

Whether any of the efforts pay off remains to be seen.