DIARY: Agency Republic gets the call to help out the denizens of the Square

Regular readers of the Diary (hello Mum) will know that last week, we revealed that a recent episode of EastEnders borrowed a storyline from a Leo Burnett commercial for Daz.

Well, it looks like they've been at it again. And this time, it wasn't storylines they were after, but set decoration.

It all started when Auntie Beeb asked Agency Republic if it could borrow some of its Samaritans poster work. Apparently, it wanted it for "mood boards to facilitate an emotional workshop".

As vague as this sounded, nobody at Agency Republic expected to see the work plastered up on the wall of the EastEnders "caff" behind a moaning Pat Butcher.

But as EastEnders' debt to adland grows, perhaps it's time the soap returned the favour. Perhaps Sonia could be the new face of L'Oreal?