Diary: Al and Monkey's five-star display as ads past and present get YouTube treatment

As YouTube continues to permeate many aspects of the business world, Diary thought it was high time to take a peek at what the internet community thinks of some of the more famous ads.

As well as being enormous fun, the site can also be a great benchmark for effectiveness, since there are numerous ways to rate content.

There's the specific YouTube star rating, the amount of views it's received, the times different people have uploaded it on to the site and the, often hilarious, comments made by the users.

By far the most uploaded and highly rated example is Wieden & Kennedy's "cog" for Honda. With hundreds of uploads, and millions of views, it hits a sparkling five stars on numerous occasions.

However, its oft-lauded younger brother, "grrr", is barely present on the site with hardly any viewings.

A recent addition which also reached the fabled "one million views" is Clemmow Hornby Inge's "people" ad for Talk Talk.

Obviously, Sony's "balls" and "paint" ads are prominent, but what gets more attention, and higher ratings, are the "making of" videos.

Another favourite is Mother's recent Al and Monkey ad for PG Tips, which got hundreds of thousands of views, with one punter, "Psychobabble', saying: "I want them to make a film. Ads like these make me look forward to ads."

Other highly watched - and highly rated - spots include Coke's Grand Theft Auto-based ad, Dove's "evolution", anything from Cillit Bang featuring Barry Scott (who is described as "legendary" by "Sleepywezel"), and Irn-Bru's "snowman" ad from last Christmas.

However, ads don't have to be good, or even shown on air, to get the surfers giddy. The recently banned "mastication for the nation" ad for Trident gets a four-and-a-half star rating, as does the reviled Frosties ad. Yes, that one.

Obviously, there are some ads that were built for the medium, but are always still worth a look - and the YouTube community tends to agree. Both 118 118 spoofs of "cog" and "choir" get resounding four-and-a-half star ratings.

But the strangest thing is how the ads seem to have fired up some national pride from the Brits in the global community. "Cybermaxx" says: "Shows we British truly are funny," while 'BigTomNott' says: "Makes me proud to be British."