Diary: Alford's a celebrity now

In these days of news overload and celebrity obsession, it is no longer a shocking sight to see a celebrity, be it Liam Gallagher (old school) or Amy Winehouse (the heir to his throne) getting irate at a photographer outside a club or restaurant.

This also means that it's commonplace for the luckier few of the industry who get to lunch regularly to see the paparazzi outside their favourite posh London eateries.

However, what is less commonplace is for them to get papped themselves - which is exactly what happened to M&C Saatchi's Richard Alford upon leaving The Ivy last week.

Ever the gentleman, though, he decided to forgo the usual rants and physical violence associated with the paparazzi and, probably to the amazement and gratitude of the photographer, instead decided to hand out a history lesson.

He informed the snapper that just over the road was a little old chapel where the Wesley brothers began first preaching Methodism in the 18th century.