Diary: Allison tells the world he's a crazy adman

One of the most difficult things about being a comedian, so they say, is that people expect you to be funny all the time.

This is apparently the lament that blighted Peter Cook's life. No matter where he went or what he was doing, people expected him to perform. Even if he was doing something incredibly mundane, such as borrowing a library book.

We wonder if it's the same for creatives? Do people such as Robin Wight feel they have to display their creativity 24 hours a day? We hope not.

No one should wear a bow tie while creosoting a garden shed.

One young creative who is clearly feeling the pressure to perform is TBWA\London's John Allison - a former Campaign Face to Watch.

Allison has clearly decided that no normal answerphone message is creative enough for a man of his position. Instead, his calls are fielded by a warrior called Prince Voltan, who bellows: "John isn't here at the moment. But don't worry, Allison is ALIVE!!!!!! And he wants to live forever."