DIARY: AMV, Mother, PHD and Naked help Davies of OMD win first FAL prize

Well it's ding dong merrily on high for OMD UK's Clarissa


She's the winner of this month's FAL prize, a digital camera courtesy of

Metro, for the soaring score of her Fantasy Agency, dimp.

Clarissa's impressive 40-point rise takes her total to 269. PHD's

Jonathan Durden will be crying into his pillow, however, as his 40-point

rise only took him to a 240-point total. Must try harder.

Overall, the league's top ten is populated by no fewer than three of

Campaign's players, with Francesca Newland in the number-one slot.

Matthew Cowen's Snakes in the Grass are third while Ian Darby's Asda

Bargains have come in fourth. Dimp may have netted 40 points, but

Clarissa only occupies the number-seven slot.

Dimp's big scorers are AMV's Michael Baulk, PHD's David Pattison,

Mother's Robert Saville and Naked's John Harlow. Impressively, no one on

her team has lost any points to date.