DIARY: AMV plays Cilla for its own mixed marriages

At every agency do, there's always at least one old boy who'll get a bit too drunk and say: "These direct marketers, what's their problem eh? I recognise there has to be a place for below-the-line in a modern society, but these people aren't like us. They've just got no capacity for rational thought (although I freely admit that some of them do have an excellent sense of rhythm). All I ask is that they keep themselves to themselves and stop stealing our women!"

Well, if this is your attitude then you'll be both shocked and appalled at what you're about to hear. Last week, in the name of Nabs, Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO put on a "Blind Date" evening, in which women members of the agency were paired up with male staff from its below-the-line sister agency, Proximity!

If that were not enough to offend the purists, the whole event was hosted by the client services director, Ian Pearman, who was dressed as a woman!

What's happening to the morals of this industry? It's disgusting. Next you'll be telling me that the head of COI Communications has been arrested on spying charges!