DIARY: AMV's Radio Star fans take tactics on board to vote Phillipson out

Who's been naughty, then? Yes, as the pressure mounts to discover who will be the nation's new Radio Star, there has emerged rather a large amount of what can most kindly be termed, creative voting.

As Nikki Burg from Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, Mark Copeman of Twist Media and Guy Phillipson of Vodafone battle it out in the Radio Advertising Bureau's competition, some naughty souls down at AMV clearly follow the philosophy of safety in numbers. In a bid to back Burg, they have been indulging in some considerable tactical voting - since the latest results were published last Thursday an unusually large number of votes have come in from the agency, coincidentally all voting off Burg's rival, Phillipson.

Tsk, knuckle raps all round.

In addition, www.radio-star.biz has suffered a technical hitch, so the deadline has been extended until 21 October. The lucky winner is revealed next week.