DIARY: Anaemic adland love scene gets the Speed Dater shot in the arm

Ah, Valentine's Day. What a beautiful, golden time of year it is.

The sun is in the sky, the birds are singing and the love-struck stare into each other's eyes beneath Cupid's benign gaze. Meanwhile, the sad and the single line up to kick him in the bollocks.

One could be forgiven for imagining the advertising industry to be quite a fertile breeding ground for flings, romances and torrid affairs. After all, look how much cross-pollination has gone on over the years. The industry has spawned more incestuous unions than one can shake a stick at.

There's BBJ's Trista Grant and MindShare's Jed Glanville, Helen Weisinger at TBWA/London and BJK&E's Tim Irwin, Cilla Snowball at Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO and her husband, Jeff, at Doner Cardwell, TBWA's Neil Dawson and M&C Saatchi's Judy Mitchem - the list just goes on and on.

However, despite this excellent track record, things have rather dried up of late. It would seem that adland's wheels of love are in need of more oiling than a Chippendale on a Blackpool stage.

In fact, the situation has got so bad, one enterprising company is exploiting, er, we mean helping to smooth the path to true love, with a forthcoming extravaganza of speed dating.

Yes, you heard us, speed dating. For those who don't know, this is when hoards of lonely "meal for one" men and desperate Ally McBeal-esque women are ushered into a bar for a series of three-minute dates. During this time, they have to decide whether the person opposite is a potential soulmate or merely just a loser looking for a cheap thrill.

"We realised that an awful lot of people who work in broadcasting and the media were coming to our events, so we decided to run one especially for them," Speed Dater simpers.

So, if your love life has been hijacked by millions of late-night pitches and the closest thing you have got to a partner is your art director, then pop down to the renowned meat market, Tiger Tiger. You never know, you might just end up with the unscheduled breakfast meeting of your dreams.