Diary: Andrews finds that he has plenty of pounds to spare

With independent agencies selling out like hotcakes ahead of the hike in capital gains tax, there are an awful lot of fat wallets lining trouser pockets in Soho.

And one of those now belongs to Phil Andrews, who sold Partners Andrews Aldridge, the agency he co-founded, for a hefty sum a few weeks ago.

But with all that cash burning a hole in his corduroys, Andrews was left in a bit of a predicament: what on earth was he going to spend his hard-earned money on?

Nothing immediately sprung to mind given that he'd already ticked the "boat" and "fancy car" boxes. So, Andrews (perhaps prompted by his better half) eventually decided that he wanted to trade in his current physique for a set of sculpted abs, and that, to help get the desired look, he would splurge some money on hiring a personal trainer.

As fate would have it, a mailing for the Sanderson Hotel's gym fell on to his doormat the next day, offering a convenient lunch-hour personal trainer to motivate the unwilling to go for the burn. Eagerly, Andrews responded.

But little did he know that the mailing to which he had just replied came from none other than rival agency Archibald Ingall Stretton. Everyone knows those in the DM world are masters at gathering data, so Stretton and company were delighted to see Andrews' name pop up on their database.

Needless to say, they were on the phone to Andrews quicker than you can say "direct response" to give him a good old ribbing.