Diary: Angry agencies square up over Goldfish gaffe

Ding ding, round two. The fight over the long-copy ads for Goldfish credit cards rages on. In the red corner is Grey, the creative agency responsible for the campaign, and in the blue corner is the media buying agency, Starcom.

This week, it's Starcom's turn to be on the offensive. Agency staff were shocked to read in last week's Diary of the disastrous placement of a long-copy ad in Vauxhall.

Diary spies had spotted that the execution, part of a campaign featuring 200-word stories from some of the top literary talent, was located on a revolving poster site, giving onlookers barely ten seconds to read the ad.

Now Starcom claims that, although it was responsible for the media buying, it is the creatives at Grey who must take the blame for the outdoor faux pas.

Diary has been informed that Grey was under strict instruction from Starcom not to create a long-copy ad, since it had pre-booked a number of revolving poster sites.

At the last minute, the creative geniuses at Grey, forgetting (or perhaps ignoring) Starcom's advice, submitted the long-copy executions. By the time the ink had dried, it was too late to go back.

Ding ding, round three ...