Diary: Anonymous of Aldbury takes Campaign to task

It appears last week's story about Aldbury being the media centre of England has stirred up a bit of a furore in the area. An anonymous writer sent a letter to Diary to point out some facts about the village.

The author did not attempt to discredit the claim the area is filled with media's glitterati, but he did seem to be rather peeved by the reference to Aldbury as being "sleepy" and a "two-horse" town.

The letter read: "Following your recent article on Tess Alps and Robert Ray living in Aldbury and potentially travelling in from Tring station, note that this is not a two-horse area.

PHD managing director Morag Blazey lives nearby and uses Tring station, as do a number of other big players in the media field. In fact, if you continued on the Silverlink line, there are numerous others that live in Berko, Hemel Hempsted and Kings Langley."

And there was more: "Note that the trainer Peter Harris and his son-in-law Walter Swinburn have stables in Tring (therefore more than two horses)."