DIARY: Arden's book spells it out: he is here to stay

What do we make of Paul Arden? Is he a talented eccentric who doesn't know the meaning of the word conformity? Or is he merely the most pretentious man in the advertising business?

After all, this is the man who once gave a talk to the industry, which consisted of him standing still and silent next to a woman playing the cello.

Arden has a book out at the moment, entitled It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be. But if you thought that being a serious novelist would cure him of self-indulgence, or persuade him to switch careers, you can think again.

According to an article enclosed with the book's press release, Arden is in it for the long run. "Advertising is his life," it reads.

"He started early and will never retire. Does a painter or sculptor retire at 60 or 65? No. Their art is their life."