Diary: Army of rats gatecrashes JWT's rooftop celebration

In a previous Diary page, we told you about JWT's need to hire a bird of prey to keep the rodent population of the agency's grass-covered roof terrace under control.

However, the hungry hawk doesn't seem to have been doing its job properly, as a group of Vodafone party-goers found out to their horror at a recent summer bash held for the client.

Obviously, as with any agency party, there was a lot of drink and a substantial amount of food. All of which was served in the open air - it was a balmy summer's evening, after all.

Now, nobody enjoys cleaning up while a party is still "rocking", so the food was left out with the plan of making everything spick and span once the last human had left.

However, the rats and mice that inhabit the area around the swanky Knightsbridge offices couldn't pass up such a fantastic opportunity for a massive feed and descended upon the canapes in the way that only vermin can.

Most of the guests valiantly attempted to ignore the little critters and carry on with the partying in hand but, apparently, it was too much for some, who made their excuses and left.

Diary would like to say it holds no truck with sarcastic comments regarding rats and sinking ships.