Diary: Art at Saatchi & Saatchi takes misery to new level

Losing a big piece of business, such as Sony Ericsson, so early in the year is bound to have a slightly negative effect on an agency.

But Diary thinks Saatchi & Saatchi has taken the depressive outlook a little too far and needs to lighten up a bit.

Just last week, one of Diary's spies was strolling up Charlotte Street when they glanced into the window of Saatchis' famous building and spotted six pieces of art staring back out.

Belying the colourful style of the work was the fact that three of them carried some rather gloomy messages. These were: "I'm not happy", "Happiness is always somewhere else" and "Hope is dead."

It leaves Diary wondering when the plaque reading "Abandon all hope all ye that enter here" will be placed on the front door.

Fortunately, the two young artists behind the work (which was borrowed from a recent exhibition called The Eighth Discouraging Exhibition of Blue and Joy), who are former Saatchis employees, managed to flog a number of the miserable missives, with three to Chelsea's Andriy Shevchenko.