DIARY: Baden Daintree polls the most votes to face chop from Xfm show

So what did readers have against John Baden Daintree? Yes, those voting on the Radio Advertising Bureau's Radio Star website www.radio-star.biz have decided that, despite faring well in the first round of elections, Daintree's dulcet tones on his Xfm-produced show are the next to go.

The aspiring DJ who crooned his way through an introduction including "If you want your music radio to be intelligent, witty and creative, then please vote for the John Baden programme" got by far the highest score for eviction this week, with more than 55 per cent of the votes - which was rather good news for Chris Goldson, who was second in line for the chop.

The competition to find out who will be the nation's next radio star continues this week. All you need to do to vote in the third round is visit the website and vote for your choice of the next unlucky contestant from the remaining four hopefuls.