DIARY: Barnardo's work bugs the BPCA by featuring an incongruous insect

Barnardo's really has gone too far this time. Not content with having its arse slapped by the Advertising Standards Authority for its latest no-holds-barred ad campaign, the charity has fallen foul of the British Pest Control Association.

It seems that the people who get rid of your rats and marmalise your mice have got themselves into a state over the charity's campaign featuring harrowing images of babies with bottles of meths and syringes in their mouths.

Now their indignation spilled over in their official organ, Professional Pest Controller (surely a dead cert for a spot on Have I Got News For You in the near future). They want to know "from a pest control perspective" why Bartle Bogle Hegarty should have chosen to feature a cockroach in one execution. "Were they aware that the cockroach featured is not a native UK species," the journal's leader writer thunders, before going on to point out that the nasty little insect pictured in the ad is, in fact, of the Madagascan variety.

"Prior to their rise to fame in the various current TV programmes, would anyone before have thought of featuring a cockroach? Is this increased awareness of public health pest a help or a hindrance to our industry? Readers, no doubt, have their own views."

Happily, though, PPC has words of reassurance for anybody fearing the ads resulted in any cruelty to little mites - human ones, that is. "Readers will be relieved to learn that the babies were photographed separately with the objects in their mouths superimposed."