DIARY: Bates print work finds a good home at Trust

A poignant finale to the demise of Bates UK, about to bring down the curtain on a London presence stretching back almost 100 years.

An impressive collection of the agency's print work dating back to 1915 has been saved from the skip to swell the archives at the History of Advertising Trust near Norwich.

Michael Cudlipp, the HAT chief executive, is delighted to expand the Bates and Dorlands archive. His only regret is that HAT will have to do it without Bates' annual £8,000 donation.

So if any ex-staffers would like to open their wallets he'd be delighted. Doubtless Michael Bungey, the former boss of Bates' Cordiant parent who walked away with £1.6 million, is writing his cheque already.