DIARY: Bauch dines out on a tale of adland excess

For all of Sir Martin Sorrell's doom-mongering, it is reassuring to know that adland's lingering reputation for groaning lunch tables is indestructible. Indeed, Anthony Quinn, writing in the Observer Food Monthly, claims he knows of an adman who says he hasn't eaten a sandwich since 1972.

Quinn, in his latest Hot Date column, dined out with Lucy Bauch, an account director at Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners (or "one of the newer dynamic agencies" as he put it.) Luckily, Bauch was on hand to lay a few adland canards to rest, while talking about her views on an ideal date.

One thing she doesn't want is a frosty reception if her dedication to the "bijou" (er, Quinn again) DLKW means she turns up late. "If I want frostiness, I could just go to my creative team and say 'the client thinks your work is shit'," she says. Yep, that ought to do it.