DIARY: BBC documentary on text messages leaves Hamilton fckd rgt off

As we all know, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Or


Even when you're the subject of a documentary made by the Beeb.

Robert Hamilton, the ex-Lowe interactive founder, found himself plucked

from obscurity to star in a show focusing on his insatiable appetite for

texting his mates.

It also highlighted his - perhaps somewhat staged - unsupressable hunger

for ten breakfasts. One wag thought it would be a jape to show Hamilton,

who left advertising to start up a texting home shopping service,

receiving one of many messages from overseas pals at ungodly hours of

the morning. Obviously, this meant a team of camera men crammed in the

house just in time for croissants and coffee.

Several takes later, the strain was beginning to show. As Hamilton

tucked in to another mouthful of brekkie -just to get the shot right,

you understand - jam began to clog up his mobile's digits. Horror!

Still, the digits were saved, and post-shoot, Hamilton totted up just

how much this mammoth eaterie had cost: "Th fr of Bng md to L %k lk a

tw@ paled in cmprsn to th amnt Id mngd to stf dwn my nck."

So, did the nice folk at the Beeb offer to foot the bill? "Wt d U fkng

thnk?". Tune in on 9 June for the full horror.