Diary: Are BBH adland's 'fancy Dans of the King's Road?'

Hello and welcome to Match of the Day. No Gary, Alan or Mark to run the rule over this week's Premiership clashes. Instead, here's a new ball-game for you. Match the agency to the football team.

For this idea, Diary is indebted to Stephen Woodford, the WCRS chief executive, and Matt Edwards, his marketing and new-business director.

Clearly with too much extra time on their hands, the pair have been kicking around a few thoughts about which agencies are most like which clubs.

To kick-off, Diary chips in some ideas of its own. Bartle Bogle Hegarty as Chelsea? Surely this one's no contest. Both have bags of style, bang in the goals and just can't seem to put a foot wrong.

For the rest, Diary has vowed not to shirk the crunch tackles. Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners as Bolton. Neither are pretty to watch but they are effective. Cdp-travissully as Nottingham Forest. Both were once the best in Europe but now languish in the lower leagues.

Clemmow Hornby Inge as Arsenal. Lots of narrow wins and no good without their stars. JWT as Everton. Nowhere near as good as last season. VCCP as Charlton. Both quietly get on with it.

Give us your thoughts. This could run longer than Footballers' Wives.