Diary: BBH boss an inspiration to Guernsey copywriter

Diary would like to applaud Peter Grange, the managing director of the Guernsey-based Offshore International, for his robust advice on how the creative industries can cope in recession. Alas, he'll have to settle for a slow handclap.

The article he's just written for the island's Chamber of Commerce magazine turns out to have been almost entirely ripped off from one authored by Nigel Bogle, the Bartle Bogle Hegarty group chairman, that appeared in Campaign in January.

More than half the piece is indistinguishable from Bogle's original. Now, having been caught red-handed, Grange has apologised to the Chamber of Commerce magazine, but not, as yet, Campaign (it's our copyright). However, he's decided to pass the buck. He claims that an employee wrote the article for him, having been directed to use a range of industry articles "for inspiration".

Grange told the Guernsey Press: "While they were certainly included to help underline our own original thoughts and commentary, they were not highlighted as direct quotes in a very clearly italicised way as we would usually do."

Diary notes that his company is usually referred to by its initials, Oi. So perhaps its MD won't mind if we rip off and amend a famous saying of The Fast Show's Paul Whitehouse: "Oi. Grange. No!"