Diary: BBH denies falling prey to hardcore protestors

There are some very funny rumours flying around regarding the launch of Bartle Bogle Hegarty's obsession du jour - its office in that "playground of the geeks", Second Life.

No sooner had Nigel Bogle cut the virtual tape on the BBH cyberspace-based shop, than the agency was overrun by avatars desperate to ask questions. It was forced to close down for a few hours while it tried to cope with demand.

According to reports, the agency also had a visit from an avatar who spent a few hours walking around in a drunken fashion, cracking bad jokes and drinking from a glass that looked very much like a penis.

However, it has been digitally whispered into Diary's ear that there was a wholly different reason for the agency's closure, and that BBH became the victim of a Second Life flash mob, who turned up sporting strap-on dildos and simulating various sex acts.

Whether this was just a misunderstanding over the services the agency provides online, or a spontaneous protest by a hard core of Second Lifers who have vowed to keep their cyberspace unsullied by brands, is unclear, but BBH denies all knowledge of this happening.