DIARY: Beattie brews up new idea for hiring people

Trust Trevor Beattie to come up with a different way to hire a new

team. Up tip ten bright-eyed youngsters with their books hoping to get a

foot in the door at TBWA/London, only to be told that the next stop was

the pub.

Yes, the creative department and the young crew ambled off to spend the

rest of the afternoon getting drunk, preferring a bit of lathering to

the formality of an interview. And why not?

After clearing the hangovers and musing on which was the best team, the

department made a unanimous decision and decided to call in the

unsuspecting winners.

In tripped Chris Bovill and John Allison, only to be met by the imposing

wall of the entire creative department, headed by a po-faced


"You can have your book back because it's shit," he pronounced


Cue nervous laughter from the boys. "But we bought you a new one because

we thought the ads were brilliant," he said before presenting the

dumbstruck duo with a new book and £100 each (presumably to buy a

new change of underwear).

Oh, and a new office and instructions to start at 9am sharp on Monday.

Nice touch.