Diary: Beattie brings his sense of style to Wags Boutique

The industry's latest luminary to do reality TV is none other than Beattie McGuinness Bungay's Trevor Beattie; a man who TV researchers seem intent on turning into the face of UK advertising now that the Saatchi brothers have hung up their braces.

Beattie lent his humour last week to ITV's reality-meets-retail experiment, Wags Boutique. For the uninitiated (and God knows the Diary wishes it could reclaim the half-hour it spent watching the show), the format pits two teams of football's lesser-known spouses and girlfriends against each other as they battle to run the most profitable Soho boutique.

This week's task, for what journalistic convention demands we describe as a "who's who" of footballing glamour, was to create an ad campaign. Enter Beattie to give a few tips on how to go about it.

Countless tantrums later, the girls were ready to present their campaigns to a room packed with what June Sarpong, the show's presenter, described as "top advertising executives". Diary could only spot Beattie's PA in the crowd.

Full marks to the ever-professional Beattie, though, who gamely pretended to like the dogs' dinners the Wags dished up, even going so far as to say they were better than a lot of the posters he'd seen on the way over. Faint praise indeed - the presentation was in the Covent Garden Hotel, yards from the BMB offices.