Diary: Beattie gets into space via Moon flick

Diary thought Trevor Beattie's obsession with space travel couldn't go any further (after all, he is booked on to Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic flight). Well, we were wrong because the Beattie McGuinness Bungay founder has boldly gone where no (ad)man has gone before.

It may not be a "giant leap for mankind" that Beattie (pictured) has planned, but, instead, the space-creative has part-funded a £2.5 million budget indie sci-fi flick, appropriately entitled Moon.

The film was written and directed by Duncan Jones, aka Zowie Bowie, David Bowie's son and a former BMB creative, whom Beattie took on as his third creative hiring after launching the agency.

It stars Sam Rockwell, who plays a lonely astronaut confined to a small space station on the moon, where he has been sent on a lengthy solitary mission to mine Hydrogen 3 - a superior fuel source.

Under the watchful eye of a computer voiced by Kevin Spacey, Rockwell is completing his consignment until, just two weeks before he's due to fly home, he discovers his clone operating some of the machinery.

Set entirely on the moon, Beattie was keen to ensure the lunar surroundings were accurately depicted, and what better way to lend his artistic guidance than handing over his lovingly compiled space scrapbook to Jones.

As well as having creative input, Diary understands that Beattie, a credited producer, looks set to land a significant percentage of any profits from the film. It has been getting rave reviews ahead of its UK release on 17 July, scooping the "best new British film" accolade at the Edinburgh International Film Festival last week.