Diary: Beattie making an exhibition of himself

Trevor Beattie, the curly haired ad luminary and avid collector of moderately interesting cultural memorabilia, has decided that it is time to share his passion with the polloi.

For the next two months, any punter interested in his collection of expensive odds and sods can check them out at Selfridges, where they will be displayed on the posh department store's Wonder Wall - a glass case housing unusual objects once belonging to the famous.

The exhibition, which Beattie has called Holy Relics, includes a negligee worn by Marilyn Monroe and Muhammad Ali's split boxing glove.

The legendary pugilist, one of Beattie's greatest influences, wore it in the controversial 1963 fight with Henry Cooper - his last under the name of Cassius Clay - and the pair set adland's favourite Brummie back a cool £37,000.

Diary imagines Charles Saatchi, the owner of the Saatchi Gallery, will be gutted at missing out on the chance to display Beattie's curios. Perhaps next time, Charles.

Indeed, in a few years' time, Beattie's wares might even include a spacesuit worn by the man himself. Once, that is, he fulfils his dream of getting into space.

Beattie has made no secret of his desire to boldly go where only a handful of men have gone before. And he is expected to be one of the first civilians to exit the Earth's atmosphere when Sir Richard Branson finally gets his ambitious commercial space-travel programme off the ground.