Diary: Beattie turns Old Vic into a chip shop for the night

Advertising, it seems, is truly imitating art. Under the eye of Kevin Spacey, The Old Vic held a series of ten-minute plays, one of which inspired by a single household prop.

It saw a troupe of actors write, score, rehearse and produce the plays, with just 24 hours to work with.

Tired of conventional channel planning, Trevor Beattie squared it with Spacey for McCain, one of Beattie McGuinness Bungay's clients, to appear in one play, with the promise of lots of cash for the theatre if used imaginatively.

So, armed with a bag of frozen chips, the team, which included Tom Hollander, Sharon Small, Doon Mackichan and Obi Abili, went about sketching their ten-minute masterpieces.

McCain's play, entitled An Act of Love, featured a man hungry for McCain oven chips, bursting in on a couple in bed trying to conceive.

Cheered by the watching crowds, chips were served in cones to the audience, who enjoyed them at the post-party bash.

Rumour has it that Beattie is planning a similar concept next year, with 24 hours to write, shoot, direct and air an ad. Whether the BACC will be prepared to work to that timeframe is anyone's guess.