Diary: Beckham unhappy with new commercial (flight)

Things didn't quite go to plan on a recent Adidas shoot to supply footage for Channel 4's Mourinho +10 branded content programming.

Adidas had laid on private jets for some of its star talent, but apparently David Beckham failed to turn up on time in Madrid, leaving the England captain with the distressing alternative of hopping on a commercial flight. Something he really doesn't enjoy doing.

On arrival at the shoot he was met with chants of "easyJet, easyJet" from the other footballers.

Still, according to one source, Becks was able to make an elegant entrance, as he was the only player to bring along his own personal stylist for the shoot.

While it was a major feat for Adidas and its agencies Drum Screen and Stream to assemble such a group of talented footballers, including Beckham and his England teammates Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and, er, Gary Neville, not everything went smoothly.

The camera work involved getting close-ups of the footballers doing "keepy-uppys" and other close control skills. While Djibril Cisse was like a seal with a beach ball, some of the defenders found the task a bit trickier and required numerous takes. "It's worse than working with children or animals," one insider was heard to say.