Diary: Who is behind Lawson's fake Twitter outbursts?

Just when we thought Paul Lawson, Leo Burnett's potty-mouthed group managing director, was beyond parody, somebody goes ahead and ... well ... parodies him.

Now, the Burnett's building is buzzing about who might have written the fake Twitter blog that purports to be a collection of Lawson's most recent bon mots.

Here are a few of the highlights.

"Why the fuck can't you buy Spam fritters any more?"

"Damn it, I look good today."

"I'm an iron fist in a latex glove."

"Fuck this shit. It's Friday. I'm going to kill a swan."

And, finally, one for the intellectuals among you: "I fear I may be the only Camus in an office of Kierkegaards."

Lawson thinks the blog has his digital folk's thumbprints on it.

And what if they are the culprits? "Let's just say there's a cold economic wind blowing outside."